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Ethan at 34 months

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Did not weigh him recently, but he certainly looks more *bulat* now.


36 inches


We recently discovered that Ethan LOVES to brush his teeth together with his Daddy.  So whenever we get the opportunity, both of them will brush their teeth together.  After all, we have 2 bathroom sinks side by side to accomodate that 🙂

Developmental Milestones

  • Can and chooses to unzip his jacket and remove it all by himself.  In fact, he wants to do most things by himself now, including buckling himself up in the car seat.
  • Can recognize and verbalize most colors, for instance “yellow”, “red”, “blue”, “brown”, “purple”, “white” and “green”.  For some reason, though, “orange” is still “afoo” to him.
  • Picking up words and expressions we use like a sponge.  His favorite one currently is, “Oh man!” (which I think he heard from watching Dora the Explorer).
  • More 2-syllable words and 2-word phrases too are used by Ethan now, like “C’mon!”, “Color”, “pancake”, “masee” (for “muffin”), “forbee” (for “strawberry”), “jacket”, “water” (he *rolls* this word like the angmohs) and oh yes, of course “Mickey”, “Minnie”, “Goofy”, “Donald”, “Daisy” and “Barney”.  “Pluto” is still “dog” to him LOL.
  • Has begun *singing*.  He loves it when I sing the ABC song, and sometimes he would join in too.  But he is rather self-conscious and if we look at him while he is *singing*, he’ll just stop.
  • Pronunciation of numbers is getting more precise.  He says “seven” clearly now, instead of “fem”, and we also heard him distinctly say “thirteen”.
  • Loves playing with a computer software game at daycare, and according to Van, Ethan can handle the mouse pretty well.  At home, we let him play around on the Playhouse Disney site.


He still needs us to click on the button that says “Oh, Toodles!” but he just simply loves holding the mouse and moving it around!

  • Learning to love watching movies too.  We recently bought the Happy Feet DVD, and he totally adores the dancing penguin!  He sat through most of the movie though, although he fell asleep half way.

Food and Feeding

Rice is still his staple food, and he absolutely LOVES English muffins with butter.  From his daily daycare reports, we learnt that sometimes Ethan will request for rice if noodles are served.

Oh yeah, and he still loves to eat whatever Daddy eats, especially at breakfast.

  1. huisia’s avatar

    Happy 34 months.
    Haha..he really loves dog 🙂

    Joyce says: Yes, he really does! … cos he was born in the year of the dog? 🙂


  2. mott’s avatar

    Ha ha ha..I like the ‘bulat’ part! makes any mom happy!

    He’s really settling in well!!! Happy 34th month Ethan boy!

    Joyce says: Thanks mott!


  3. Susan’s avatar

    perhaps it’s bcos the Mommy eating errrr…. too healthy food thus less appetizing?
    tat’s way takes after Daddy when food comes?

    Joyce says: Nola, Mommy and Daddy eating same food also, he will choose Daddy’s 😛


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    2 more months to turning 3! Make sure he doesn’t turn into an ang-moh kia…but seems like he is still truly Chinese (with him being a “fan tong”)

    Joyce says: Yes, typical “rice bin” I’d say!


  5. Angeline’s avatar

    you’ve got 2 bathroom basin side by side?! Wow!

    Joyce says: Yeah, but only in the US la.


  6. michelle’s avatar

    He looks more and more like u.

    Joyce says: You think? *beams*


  7. slavemom’s avatar

    Happy 34th Month! He’s growing up really well.

    Joyce says: Thanks!


  8. Collin’s avatar

    wahhh….i’d love to hear koko say “c’mon!!”…hehe…that’s just too cool. 😀

    Ethan says: Well c’mon then! 😀


  9. rinnah’s avatar

    Hehehe… that “c’mon” sounds so Americanized. Is Ethan rocking an accent, dyathink? 😉

    Joyce says: Well not that I can see for now, at least! 😛



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