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In deep thought…

Scrap Credits
Anxiously Awaiting QP from Scraps ‘n Pieces
Dandelion dream alphas from
A work in progress
Winter Spell3 -Partie 2 elements from Scrapmalin
Staple beads from Tracy King


Sometimes we do catch Ethan deep in thought, as if he were engaging in a session of soliloquy.  How I wish I could find out what he was thinking.

“I wonder how many of these Lay’s baked potato chips Mommy will allow me to eat.  I’m not giving anyone any…”

“Why do I have to wear this hood over my head?”

“Should I take a nap this afternoon?…Nah…maybe I’ll run around the house.”

“Should I dismantle my train track, and make Daddy fix it back again? I do so love the different tracks he can create.”

“I wonder if Mommy will allow me to eat crackers for dinner, and nothing else.”

“Will Daddy and Mommy take me to the mall afterwards?”

“Should I tell Mommy I want to go potty, just because I want to flush the toilet?  Maybe I should just go potty cos I just want to change my pull-ups.  Hehe.”

“Hmmm….what will it be today?  Would I look better in my car pull-up pants, or the cowboy pull-up pants?  And why does Mommy always ask me to wear that blue minky training pants?”

“..and why are these weird-looking aunties and uncles offering me food?”

  1. Angeline’s avatar

    or maybe its just… “I’m so happy being my daddy and mommy’s boy…” *wink*

    Joyce says: Awww… that is SO sweet!


  2. Susan’s avatar

    When he starts to graduate his deep thought into questioning session; why and how, then you’ll have plenty to answer him : )

    Joyce says: Ha, we’ll see then 🙂


  3. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Hilarious! Just be sure to be ready to assure him when the “Does Daddy and Mummy still love me as much when the baby arrives?” question pops up…..

    Joyce says: We have been reassuring him all along 🙂


  4. Collin’s avatar

    love the hood! looks like a Jedi knight…:-)

    Joyce says: Wahhhh….. sounds so *terror*!


  5. michelle’s avatar

    Probably thinking, how to prevent mummy from guessing my thots. 😛

    Joyce says: LOL – that’s a good one!


  6. huisia’s avatar

    maybe didn’t think anything..:)

    Joyce says: Haha…you mean he might be just daydreaming?



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