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He speaks Hokkien!


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Ethan is constantly amazing us with his neverending ability to pick up new words.  And even more so, his smattering of Hokkien, which he speaks with an accent, …. well, sorta. LOL!

Most of the time, we speak to him in English, but we used to throw in a few Hokkien terms before, and while he did not repeat after us then, he says them now, much to our amusement.

One of his most-used Hokkien terms is, undoubtedly, “kakai”.  Sometimes he would wake up in the mornings, sit up in bed and go, “I want to go kakai”…except it’s funnier if you hear him say it.

And oh, of course he’ll ask to go potty when he is ready, but he will also say “I wanna pangsai” or just “pangsai”, while he is sitting on the throne.

He also recently picked up the term “geelee!” when I started tickling him one day, and he also loves to use the word “BULAT!” Well, okay, not exactly a Hokkien term, but I used to cup his face in my hands, rub our noses together and say, “Who’s Mr Bulat?” and he would giggle.  Now, *he* will be the one cupping my face and going, “Bulat!”  Oh, you’d be surprised at how precise his pronunciation of “BULAT” is!

…and it is just so ENDEARING when he does that! 🙂

  1. michelle’s avatar

    I tot kakai is Cantonese. Are you going to teach him Cantonese?

    Joyce says: Oh yeah, my bad…Kakai does originate from the Cantonese dialect. Hubby and I aren’t Cantonese, so I guess it would be up to Ethan to pick it up. Hehe….but we’ll let nature take its course.


  2. slavemom’s avatar

    I guess it won’t be embarrassing if he shouts out loud in public, “I want to pangsai!”. hahaha Nobody knows what it means in the States, rite?

    Joyce says: hehe…I don’t think he’ll do that.


  3. Angeline’s avatar

    Oooohhhh, you have video-ed it! I would love to ‘hear’ him.

    Joyce says: I’ll try to, but no guarantees!


  4. Angeline’s avatar

    What I meant was “you SHOULD have video-ed it!”

    Joyce says: Hard to catch him at the right moment, but I’ll try!


  5. rinnah’s avatar

    That’s so cute! Yeah, I second Angeline… should video Ethan for us to see/hear. 🙂

    Joyce says: I’ll certainly try! Thing is he wants to grab my phone everytime I try to record him on video!


  6. irene’s avatar

    Aha, so he’s a Hokkien 🙂 Actually I find them picking things up faster than us adults.

    Joyce says: Definitely! Children are like “sponges”!


  7. lil prince's mum’s avatar

    Wow!~ Smart boy!~

    Joyce says: Thanks!



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