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What my girl is up to

With Hannah spending all her time with Mommy, isn’t it a given that I would be busy taking pictures of my little angel?  I cherish every minute I spend with her, whether it is breastfeeding her, bathing her, changing her, playing with her or simply just watching her sleep.  There is something very angelic about watching a baby sleeping; with Hannah, I love seeing her sleeping position with both hands to her sides: so peaceful, so calm 🙂

Oh, and of course, I absolutely LURVE the smell of her head and her hair…and her SKIN!  Intoxicatingly heavenly…and dare I say, strong enough to drive away the worries and stress of the day!

Hannah loves her tummy time; being rolled over from her back to her front, and then trying to inch her way forward.  She’s very good, and is able to *adjust* her hand position in order not to let it be “stuck” when rolling over.  Of course she can’t roll over herself yet, and needs to be supervised.

We bring Hannah out on days I go out, but I suspect she loves it better and finds comfort at home.  The thing is, Hannah cannot stand heat at all!  It’s summer now and way, way hot!  Just a little rise in the temperature and she will be perspiring!  And since she cannot *tell* us yet, she will wail and cry, all the way back home (if we are in the car): persistent, heart-wrenching cries that will not stop until we push her stroller back safely in the confines of our home and then turn the air-conditioning on.

But she does look adorable sitting in her infant car seat, no?

 Oh, and apart from just sleeping and reclining in her infant-toddler rocker, Hannah can also sit quite comfortably in the Bumbo now!  Of course, her big brother would then want to sit in it too! LOL

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    What a cutie! She looks almost identical to Ethan!


  2. michelle’s avatar

    She looks pretty in the first picture. Such big eyes.


  3. Joanne’s avatar

    I love seeing baby while they’re sleeping. They look so calm and peaceful. They are angel while sleeping and little monster while waking up! When they are awake, daddy and mummy will go crazy entertaining them. LOL!



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