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All about “The Grape”


It has always been a struggle to feed Ethan medicine.  Back when he was still breastfed, I would just rely solely on breastfeeding to get him well.  But when he was weaned, I dreaded it when he became ill.  Usually, we just let nature take its course and he would eventually get better.  Most people say that over-the-counter medicine for kids in the US are more palatable and hence, we should buy some to take home with us.  Medicine that comes in various kid-approved flavours like cherry, bubble gum and grape definitely appeal to kids.

Well, most kids, anyway…but not Ethan.

Ethan has been coughing for several weeks now.  The problem is he refuses to drink a lot of water AND he refuses to take medicine.  We bought a bottle of Tylenol in GRAPE flavour.  And although the mixture tastes really good, just like concentrated grape juice and nothing like the yucky tasting Rhinathiol or Polaramine, Ethan would have none of it.

We forcefed him this Tylenol Grape a few times, or rather we *tried* to feed him with it, but he would just spit it all out.  Even though the characters in his favorite Dr Hippo books drink Grape medicine when they are sick, Ethan does not want to follow suit.

Now, our typical conversations would go like this:

Daddy: Ethan do you wanna drink GRAPE?
Ethan: No!  I don’t want it!
Daddy:  You have to choose: either drink Grape or drink water.

And of course he would gladly drink the water.

We tried to add the Tylenol into his chocolate milk a few times, but after just the first time, he suspected we had added it in, and he told me, “I don’t want grape Mommy!”  And he would stand behind me as I poured the chocolate milk for him, just to make sure I did not add anything else in.


He is still coughing though, but I guess we have to wait for him to heal himself.  Here’s what we go through every day:

Ethan: (coughs)
Daddy: Are you still coughing, Ethan?
Ethan (shaking his head): Nooo…I’m NOT coughing Daddy…
Daddy: You just coughed Ethan.  You have to drink Grape!
Ethan: No Daddy.  I don’t wanna drink Grape Daddy.

And then today…

Hannah coughs.
Ethan: Hannah coughing?  Drink Grape!

Mommy: (coughs)
Ethan (immediately): Mommy, are you coughing?


Looks like our bags will not have bottles of grape-flavored medicine then!

  1. michelle’s avatar

    He is just too smart for you.

    My aunt says for cough, double boil a cup of orange juice with rock sugar. Let him drink, it helps.


  2. jazzmint’s avatar

    haha..he’s too smart to be tricked liao. I also have trouble with Vyktore, but thank god, he still hasn’t suspect the concoction of milk+milo+medicine and gladly polished up the whole bottled


  3. Susan’s avatar

    Hmmmm…. perhaps establish a routine of taking soup of something from the spoon everyday will help?

    Samuel has no problem taking any form of syrup or chewable vit-c tablet.
    We use the spoon to feed him.



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