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Hannah’s first solids

Yesterday marked the day I introduced Hannah to her first solids.  Just like for Ethan, I mixed some rice cereal with fresh EBM into a runny consistency(actually you couldn’t even tell the cereal was there!)  Good thing I managed to bring back the Gerber rice cereal from the US.  This one does not contain sucrose but supposedly tastes really good.

…and Hannah was living proof of it!


She was very eager from the onstart and tried to grab the spoon a few times. 

As expected, some of the cereal dribbled out from the sides of her mouth, but she was practically willing to open up her mouth every time I offered her a spoonful.

Although she made a “sour face” on some occasions, and tried sucking on the spoon, she managed to finished the entire bowl of rice cereal, much to my joy 🙂

The conclusion?  Hannah is definitely READY for solids, and has a voracious appetite to boot!  Today, I gave her the same thing for tea time and she finished it all too!  Bravo Hannah!

Doesn’t this happy face tell you how much she loves it?

  1. Health freak’s avatar

    Hannah is so cute and chubby. She has beautiful eyes too! Such a smiley baby.


  2. jacss’s avatar

    omy….she’s such a charming & chubby little girl 😀
    ‘geram’ seeing her 😛


  3. Laysee’s avatar

    Baby Hannah looks more & more like you now………so cute looking at her having her 1st solid. especially the moment she try to grab the spoon.


  4. Angeline’s avatar

    Sooooooooooooooooo Cute!!!
    Very soon, you’ll be posting her BITING!!!


  5. Bart’s avatar

    Totally forgot about your separate blog for your kids! Hannah really is thriving. But now that she is on solids, have you said bye bye to nice smelling poo? ha ha…



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