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The picky eater update


He loves:

  • Rice with soy sauce gravy
  • Butter sandwich drizzled with a little bit of sugar.  Shape of sandwich will be requested by him.  Current favorites are STAR, TRAIN and TRUCK.  Coming in a close second are DIAMOND and SQUARE.
  • Koay teow from the chicken hor fun served at Old Town.  You should hear him say “Koay Teow” 🙂
  • Roti Bakar from Old Town (sometimes only, depending on mood)
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Blueberry muffin
  • “Golden bread” a.k.a. golden potato bread.
  • Hard-boiled egg white with some soy sauce.
  • Homemade pancake with maple syrup.
  • Milo chilled.
  • Fresh milk.  He now ASKS for fresh milk.  It was so funny that day when he spelled “SEGAR” and asked me what it was.
  • Pediasure milk chilled.
  • Vanilla ice cream from McDonald’s.
  • Fries.
  • Chocolate “anything”!

BUT… over the past few days, I learnt that he has been eating quite well in school. 🙂

It was one of my primary concerns that he would not eat at all in school and go hungry.  So I always ask the teacher to let me know what he has eaten, if he has.  A few days ago, Ethan told me happily that he SWALLOWED chicken!  I was ecstatic, but I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not.  So I asked his teacher and she said yes, they served fried noodles, and there were pieces of chicken on top, and he ate them! 

The following day, Ethan told me he ate carrots. I checked with the teacher and she said he was served porridge with carrots and he ate it too, albeit being fed.  And today, he told me he ate chicken, carrots AND mushroom!

But why won’t he eat the chicken at home?

Maybe it’s because his teacher told him he has to finish his lunch at school before he can go home… LOL


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