Bible Verse of the Day

It was Mommy’s birthday!

…and no prizes for guessing who had the most fun! 🙂

I had an enjoyable little birthday lunch treat at McDonald’s with Ethan:


Then in the afternoon, I took Ethan to the playground for a few minutes:



We had dinner at home.  I cooked a simple dinner of conchiglie (Ethan calls it “shell pasta”) with pasta sauce and steamed sausages:


And Pete surprised me with a birthday cake, much to Ethan’s joy, of course!

It was a carrot, walnut and raisin brownie-like cake topped with cream cheese frosting.  A healthier option to the regular birthday cake, and it was also an ingenious idea to get some carrot into Ethan 🙂

Ethan told me specifically “I don’t want the raisins Mommy.  YOU eat the raisins!” (but he ate the walnut and carrot willingly!)

  1. jemima’s avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday, Joyce. *hugs*


  2. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Happy happy happy birthday Joyce!!


  3. Bart’s avatar

    Happy Birthday to Mommy Joyce!


  4. michelle’s avatar

    Happy Birthday!!! Many happy returns!


  5. Doreen’s avatar

    Happy belated birthday to mummy!


  6. slavemom’s avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday, Joyce! Kids jes love b’days, even tho it’s not their own. 🙂



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