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Warmer Upper

Ethan is a very friendly and sociable guy.  Only catch is that he tends to get REALLY shy amongst strangers or even familiar faces in a new surrounding.  It takes him some time to warm up and then he’ll be his usual boisterous self.

Just like a couple of weekends ago when we attended his classmate Griffin’s birthday party.  Ethan was all excited in the morning of the event, because it was a pirate-themed party.  He read aloud the words on the gift too, he said, ” Happy Birthday Griffin.  From TWO Ethan!” (the 2 dots were read as *two*)


But as soon as we stepped into Griffin’s home, Ethan clung on to me like a leech and didn’t want to join in the games at all, even though several of his friends were there.

By the by, he warmed up and soon he was running around happily and playing with the birthday boy and his other friends too.

More smiles could be seen as time went by.  He even posed happily in front of the pirate ship backdrop 🙂

…and he found some *treasures* to play with too!

Can you tell just how much he is enjoying himself? LOL

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, he downed two sausages by himself.

 …and a LOT of yummy chocolate birthday cake!

After that, he went home with his very own mini treasure chest which contained goodies, among them a really COOL telescope.

Is it any wonder he told me, “Mommy, I LIKE Griffin’s house!” 🙂


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