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Hannah at 1 year old

hannah_1_yearScrap Credits
I is for I Love You QP from Naturally Expressive by Cheryl
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10.1 kilos, weighed in at the doc’s during her one-year old well-child checkup.


76 cm, as measured at the doc’s too.


4 incisors (2 top and 2 bottom).  Next 2 top incisors are becoming more prominent, and the next 2 bottom incisors are also making their appearance.

Motor Skills

  • Prefers to walk around, albeit in a quite a *scary* manner, because she does sometimes look like she will fall.  However, Hannah most of the time manages to balance herself quite well, and can move around rather quickly while walking now.
  • Can cross her fingers (middle finger on top of index finger).
  • Very inquisitive and curious and keeps exploring things.  Her pincer’s grip is very advanced and she can pick up even minute things from the floor.  It’s a good thing too, because it forces me to keep the floor as clean as possible.
  • Attempts to climb up the couch by lifting her legs.
  • Can stand on tip toe for a while.
  • Likes to climb out from her bath tub and stand up while I bathe her.  I have also started using the shower to bathe her.  Soon, I suppose we can do without the tub.
  • Can wriggle her arm out from under her seat belt a la Tarzan style, just like her brother did last time.  And she can even do it both arms!

Communication and Social Skills

  • Very consistently says “Mameh” or “Momma”, sometimes “Mommy”!  Says “Deh-deh” for Daddy, very consistently too.  Says “Yah”…and recently she said, “PAPAYA” 🙂
  • Can point to fish in the fish tank when asked “Where’s the fish?”
  • Can understand simple instructions like, “Give the block to Ethan”, or “Give Mommy the toy”.  I love the way she smiles as she extends her hand with the toy.  Sometimes though, she teases us by handing us the toy and then NOT giving it to us!
  • Throws and tantrum and screams out loud when somebody takes her toy away.
  • Has a really good sense of humor and laughs at almost anything, especially what her brother does. 

Food and Feeding

She’s on Mommy’s milk 100% and is loving every bit of her porridge!  She can finish quite a lot now, and eats at an amazing pace!

New foods she has been introduced to include:

  • Cod fish
  • Pork
  • Watercress (I made watercress soup without the salt and fed her with it)
  • “Kai Lan”
  • Egg yolk
  • Wolfberries (“Kei Chi”)

Hannah LOVES to drink water.  When I ask her if she wants to drink water, her face will light up, and when she sees me getting her purple cup and pouring water into it, she will grin excitedly. 

She can also drink a little bit from a straw tumbler now.  When we bought her her first straw tumbler, she didn’t know how to drink from it, but then I tried putting a regular straw into a small cup and from then on, she figured out how to do it.  Besides, she has her big brother giving her all the encouragement.




  1. chanelwong’s avatar

    Happy 1 year old…
    Happy Belated 1st Birthday to you !!!


  2. huisia’s avatar

    Happy Birthday little Hannah!



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