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Splinter Removal


Two days ago, Pete discovered a splinter in Ethan’s big toe, and there was no other way but to remove it.  We explained to him that it was gonna hurt a little bit but his toe would be better afterward, but the moment he felt the *tinge* he cried out that he didn’t want the *sharp thing*.

I had to hold Ethan down as best I could while Pete tried to remove the splinter by applying some antiseptic cream and then pulling out the tiny splinter with a tweezer.  Definitely not an easy feat when Ethan was kicking, squirming and screaming.

I realize then that removing a splinter in the toe is just as painful for the remover as well as the removee.  We knew it was painful but we just HAD to do it.

And after all the agony, Ethan (brave boy he is) got to choose his band-aid.

  1. Juju’s avatar

    Found this on the website to remove splinter on the foot :). Havent tried it though


  2. Paik ling’s avatar

    Awww poor little fella. How did the splinter get there in the first place?



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