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Hannah’s favorite word (besides “Mommy”) has got to be “Bar-beee!”  She is definitely NOT referring to the doll of a similar sounding name, that’s for sure. 

When she opens a book, she will point at the pictures and say, “Bar-beee!   Bar-beee!” 

When she hears a dog barking, she’ll laugh and say, “Bar-bee!”

When she sees a bird flying, she’ll point and scream, “Bar-bee!!”

She even points at our photographs at home and goes, “Bar-beeee! Bar-beeee!!!”

All the soft toys and animals are “Bar-beee!” to her.

I know she will soon outgrow this phase when she adds more words to her vocabulary, but right now sometimes it is just so amusing to hear her go, “Bar-beee!” and he brother *correcting* her, “Not Bar-beeee, Hannah…that’s an apple!” LOL

  1. Allan’s avatar

    LoL…in a country like ours, better be careful when you’re all out in public…hehe…:-P

    Joyce says: Haha..yeah, you’re right! 🙂



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