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Time to have a Pet?


We live in a condo, so it’s impossible to keep a pet.  But we do harbor hopes of owning a pet one fine day.

Recently Ethan started role-playing as an animal doctor.  He would tell us all that he has changed his name to become “Animal Doctor” and that he would tell all his friends in school he has changed his name too.  He would use his Ben 10 watch (with light feature) to check our mouths and ears, and declare us “Healthy!”

We figured it might be because he wanted to have a pet of his own.  So this conversation ensued.

Daddy: Ethan, would you like to have a pet?
Ethan: Yes!
Daddy: What pet would you like?
Ethan (without hesitation): A GIRAFFE!

  1. PB’s avatar

    HAHA! I love this one 😀

    Joyce says: Ah yes, the sweet innocence of kids and what they say. I was laughing hysterically when he said that. 😛



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