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World Cup Mania


Everyone’s high on World Cup Mania nowadays…yes, even Ethan!  And when the newspapers published a pullout with pictures of the 32 teams, Ethan was VERY excited and wanted to learn how to say the names of all the countries.  He kept the pullout and has been learning the names of the countries ever since.  His favorites are Brazil and South Africa (because the team’s jerseys are yellow).

And now, he can proudly name them all! (I love the way he pronounces “Ivory Coast” :))


And you know what?  It’s not only from memory that he can name the countries!  Ethan can really read…here he is, reading from our World Cup Guide magazine.


So is this an indication of interest in:

A: Sports
B: World Geography
C: Reading
D: All of the above 🙂


  1. Allan’s avatar

    Ahh…the wonderful influences of the World Cup….just overflowing with knowledge and stuff….keep it up, ethan!

    Joyce says: And he can even tell us the teams that are playing, even by looking at the acronyms on the screen: e.g. RSK = South Africa. Now he did he know that?!


  2. Bart’s avatar

    Wow… clever, clever boy!

    Joyce says: haha…thanks! The important thing is he enjoys it too, so that’s awesome!



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