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Five days in Ipoh

Nope, we didn’t just spend our Ipoh trip stuffing ourselves silly with food.  That would be BAD.

The kids were occupied with other interesting things too!

Pete’s recent business trip coincided with the first week of the school holidays, so I decided to take both Ethan and Hannah down to Ipoh for a short holiday.  So what were my kids up to?  Hmmm…let’s see…

We had a belated birthday celebration for Ah Ma 🙂  I ordered a delicious butter cake and had candles so that Ethan could provide his candle-blowing services.


Kinta City mall was having a mini clay-sculpting workshop for kids where they would guide the kids to make a clay statue of their fathers in conjunction with Father’s Day.

First, you roll the clay between your hands and press it firmly onto a cardboard:


Make sure you press it hard so that the clay mould sticks to the cardboard:


Make indentations for the eyes, and shape the nose and mouth:


Next, roll the clay and mould the base:


Sculpt the hair on the head and create the entire face, neck and ears.  Then write a Happy Father’s Day message to Daddy:


Attach a string to the card and tie it around the sculpture:


Finally, pose cheekily with finished product 🙂


Ethan was so excited about his sculpture, that he called his Daddy almost immediately and told him, “Daddy, I made a statue of you, Daddy!”

…On some days, I would allow Ethan to play some games on my laptop.  We found this cool baking game where he needs to *bake a cake* according to the picture provided.


We also found time one morning to take both the kids to Polo Ground.  It’s a nice exercise area where lots of people come to do their runs or group exercises.  Now Polo Ground is also equipped with beautiful play structures for kids.  Ethan was thrilled!







Hannah had her share of fun too!  Although she couldn’t quite explore the entire playground structure like her brother, she found other ways to have fun…









I’m sure the kids had a good time in Ipoh, and especially spending that extra time with their maternal grandparents.  We drove back to Penang on Friday, tired but also just happy to be back home 🙂

  1. Paik ling’s avatar

    What great fun!!! Also fun for you to be with your parents I bet! You know, looking at that butter cake made me think about my wedding. I had my bro & SIL drive up to Ipoh and then back (all in 5hrs) to pick up the cake for my wedding day because I love it soooooooo much!!!


  2. Allan’s avatar

    Oh man…long time never been to Polo Ground liao! Looks great with all the kiddy structures! The kids sure looked like they had loads of fun! 😀



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