Bible Verse of the Day

Earning his Ice Cream


Yesterday, while I was driving Ethan back from school, we passed McDonald’s and he asked me to stop for some ice cream.  However, I had already driven past it, so I told him he could have ice cream at home instead.

Mommy: Don’t worry, you can have the vanila ice cream at home.  We have some in the freezer.  You want some?
Ethan: Yay! YES!  I want some ice cream, Mommy!
Mommy: But your cough all better?
Ethan: Yes Mommy, my cough is ALL GONE.
Mommy: Good, then you can have some ice cream.
Ethan: Mommy, my cough is ALL GONE because I give ALL the germs to HANNAH!

  1. Linda Tan’s avatar

    hahaha…..bad bro but i like his reply. smartie!


  2. rachel’s avatar

    haahahahahahhaah good one Ethan! I hope Hannah is fully recovered by now too.


  3. Collin’s avatar

    hehe….gotta learn your impressive tactics, Koko Ethan…hehe..:-P



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