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Hannah at 16 months

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We haven’t weighed her lately, but she sure does feel at least 10.5 kilos!


We have not measured her height lately too, but she should be more than 77cm now, because she is able to reach higher and higher areas.


8 incisors (4 top and 4 bottom), with a few more teeth appearing at the back, possible pramolars. 

Motor Skills

  • Hannah can tip toe around.
  • She loves to climb on top of everything: the couch, the naughty stool, the bed, the toy train!

Communication and Social Skills

  • Consistently waves and says “Bye!” in a very cutesy high-pitched tone.  And when she is ready to sleep, she will toddle to the room, turn, wave and say, “Bye!” 🙂
  • Asks for things she wants by using the word “Give!”.  She says “Gheee!!!” and extends her hands, opening and closing her palm, or she will point to the item she wants.
  • Can tell me when she has “poopoo”-ed.  She will point to her diaper and go, “Poopoo”.  Sometimes I will be in time and place her on the toilet bowl before she poos but often times it will be too late.  Good start, though.
  • Can point up and say “AAh!!” (for Up) and “Down”.
  • Point to nose, hair, tummy and teeth when prompted.
  • Says “Ah-per” for Diaper.
  • *Sings* Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to the rhythm, but without the words, just “ba-ba-ba”.  She loves doing the actions though.
  • Hannah can say “boo” for “book”: she says it when she wants us to read a book to her or if she wants to flip through a book.
  • She can say “Mamak” for food, and ask for a piece of bun, by saying, “Bah!” and pointing to the bun on the table.  Her favorite is the wholemeal potato buns.
  • She can understand “go kai kai” (she will walk to her stroller and wait for us to load her in), “go and wash hands” (she will walk to the bathroom and extend her hands to be washed), go to sleep (she will walk to the room, even though the door is closed, she will wait patiently for someone to open it for her), go bathe/take a shower (she will know how to go to her room and wait to be undressed, and then walk to the bathroom for her shower).
  • She understands “Go give Daddy/Mommy a hug” – she will walk/run to us and give us a loving hug 🙂

Food and Feeding

Hannah eats almost everything we eat now.  When I cook at home, she will have homecooked food and when we eat out, she will sample the food we eat.  I do try to minimize her salt and sugar intake though.

She drinks a lot of water, and so far is very open and willing to try new foods.

As for milk, Hannah is still on 100% breast milk.  However, there were times when we were out for six hours plus straight, and she didn’t need any milk, so perhaps I will start her on Pediasure or fresh milk soon, just to supplement her milk intake.

She loves chicken rice, chicken, Milo, Cheerios, potato bread, koay teow, kiwi and banana, just to name a few 🙂


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