Bible Verse of the Day

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Last Wednesday, we celebrated Daddy’s birthday.  Pete took a day off from work, and we both went out for a nice lunch, just the two of us 🙂

Then we fetched Ethan from school and caught a movie in Queensbay Mall.  We saw Alpha & Omega, simply because it was the only *kid* show at that moment.  Ethan was so hyped up and excited about the whole thing.  He was bouncing around and couldn’t wait to get into the cinema.  We got some popcorn too, of course!

We picked up a nice football cake for Daddy before we left the mall, and I had a birthday voucher which entitled me to a discount on the cake PLUS a free ice cream.  So Ethan got to eat some yummy chocolate ice cream too.  Actually some time back, Ethan had wanted to get the football cake for Daddy and had told me that.  In addition, he had also spilled the beans and told his Daddy what cake we were getting…so no surprise there.  Bah.


But he did have fun eating his ice cream …

Sure sounds a lot like Ethan’s birthday instead of Daddy’s huh?

We picked Hannah up and headed for home where we had a simple dinner and the cake-cutting (before the ice cream cake melted!)



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