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Recently, Ethan’s school had a fund raising campaign to raise funds for the people in Japan in the wake of the natural disasters that had affected the country.  The children were exposed to what happened in Japan and the teachers explained how and why it was important for us to help in whatever way we can.

Apart from organizing a donation and food fair, the K1 and K2 kids in the school were also given the chance to paint a picture to express themselves.  These pictures would then be displayed in a silent auction whereby proceeds would be channeled to the Japan fund. 

I attended the food fair, where all these paintings were displayed.  Ethan told me, “Mommy, I used REALLY strong paint to paint this picture!”

It was a very colorful and I would say abstract piece of art, and I was very proud of him.


Bidding starts at RM20, but I don’t know why I put down RM50.  Anyway, I was incredibly impressed with Ethan’s work of art and also of what he felt and expressed in words.  You see, the kids were asked to express and explain their painting in their own words and the teachers would then note them down with a little piece of paper next to the painting.



It was a very sincere message, straight from the heart of a 5-year old.  Ethan told me he hopes the funds collected from his painting can be used to help the Japan people build their homes back, “because Japan is broken”, he said.

As a mother, I couldn’t be prouder.  It was RM50 well spent. 🙂

However, the framing was not done very well, and because I was afraid the splinters would hurt the kids, I did what any mother would do: I took it to an art shop and had the painting reframed.


…all ready to be hung in Ethan’s room! 🙂

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    I love it too so I can understand why you are so proud.

    Joyce says: Thanks Paik Ling! 🙂


  2. Bart’s avatar

    Whoah! Good piece of art… for a good cause, too! 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks Bart!



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