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Lately Hannah has begun speaking out for herself if she does not want something or if she does not agree with something.  In particular, she uses the word “Noke!”

It sounds like “No” with an emphasized “k” sound.  We figured she must have picked it up when she heard the word “Nope!” uttered and misheard it as “Noke!”

We know it is just a phase she’s going through, and she’ll outgrow it soon.  When she says it, we’ll just repeat after her but in the correct pronunciation, for example:

Mommy: Hannah, do you still want your cereal?
Hannah: Noke!
Mommy: No?  You don’t want it anymore?
Hannah: Noke!



Of course, at times, you’ll have Ethan saying things like, “What’s NOKE Hannah?  There’s no such thing as NOKE… what’s she saying Mommy?”

She’s still adorable even though her pronunciation’s a bit off 😛

  1. chanelwong’s avatar

    yes…she is sooo adorable…

    Joyce says: Thank you Chanel! 🙂



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