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This is one of my favorite photos of Ethan with Daddy.  Every time I look at this picture, I am thankful for what a big heart my little man has and how much he has grown up way beyond his years.

At an age when most of his peers are so keen on fighting for their toys and always wanting to have their own way, my little boy has, in many instances, shown us that he understands and knows what are the more important things in life.

Just last week, when Daddy was playing with the kids, Daddy had wanted to hug Hannah, but Hannah playfully pushed Daddy away.  Daddy was sad and in jest, he mentioned that “Hannah is a naughty girl.”  This conversation then ensued.

Ethan: What, Daddy?  Why is Hannah naughty?
Daddy: Because she pushed Daddy.
Ethan: Oh…but you can forgive her, right?
Daddy: Oh yes, of course I can…

I am so proud of my boy that he can think of forgiveness in such a situation. Good job, Ethan! 🙂

  1. Argentinadog’s avatar

    Good job Ethan! 😀

    Joyce says: 🙂



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