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Fridays and Sundays

During one of our conversations and discussions on where to eat out on rare occasions such as weekends:

Hannah: Mommy, I wanna eat sundae…

Me: Sundae?  You can’t eat just a sundae for lunch, baby…

Hannah: But I wanna eat sundae!! *pouts her signature pout*

Me (deciding to play along): Okay, so where do you intend to eat your sundae?  Is it a vanilla, chocolate or strawberry sundae?

Hannah: No, Mommy…I wanna eat sundae, so I can get a BALLOON!

Me (trying to figure out what she meant): A balloon??!

Hannah: Yeah, like last week when you said I could choose? I wanna eat AT sundae so I can get a balloon after that!

Me (trying hard not to laugh too much): Ohhhhhhh…….Hannah, you mean Friday’s!!  Not Sunday’s!  Yes, you will get a balloon when we eat at Friday’s!  Hehe.


  1. Bart’s avatar

    How amusing… logic according to kids 🙂

    Joyce says: Haha..precisely 🙂



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