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Removing The Stitches

Six days after Hannah’s wound was cleaned and stitched up, we visited the doctor again to have her stitches removed.  She was in good spirits and could hardly wait for all the stitches to be removed.

The nurse told her it would be easy-peasy and would not hurt.  First, the steri-strips (little paper bandages adhered by glue) were removed; she had 4 of these, and then we waited for the doctor.

The doctor came in shortly after and told Hannah it will just be a quick snip-snip and then it will all be over.  She laid down on the treatment table, and although there was a very slight discomfort when the doctor tugged gently on the stitches, the entire process of removing the stitches took no longer than 5 minutes.

The doctor advised us to keep the wound area dry for another week or so to ensure it heals well, and also to avoid putting lotions, creams or sunscreen.

Thank you everyone, for your prayers and support 🙂

  1. Bart’s avatar

    Your Hannah is a brave girl… smiling even. This reminded us so much of Julian’s gash almost 2 years ago. He now have a neat and faint but noticeable scar on his forehead to remind him of his experience. Reading your earlier post, it’s good that Hannah had the numbing gel.

    Joyce says: Yes, I remember Julian’s incident a couple of years back. Thank you for your kind words, Bart.


  2. Audrey’s avatar

    Oh dear! Being a parent, I would say — Poor Mum n Dad! You would have suffered more than the child. Hannah will grow up stronger/better/smarter having experienced this, and she sure smiles like a champion 🙂 If it helps in any way for you to know, I have a scar across my forehead, earned at 3 years old. I suppose other than dashing any beauty queen or supermodel aspirations, it didn’t do much to hamper my life… 😛

    Joyce says: Thanks for your concern, Auds! 🙂



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