Bible Verse of the Day

My Sister, My Friend

Scrap Credits
6June13 Monthly Template fromĀ Sahlin Studio
Celebrate GDS! Freebit kit from Go Digital

My big sister Hannah is the BEST because:

  • She sings to me, and she has the sweetest voice in the world!
  • She tells Mommy what songs she thinks I would like to hear.
  • She fans me to sleep when it’s too warm.
  • She tells everyone around me to keep it down when I’m asleep because she knows I might be disturbed.
  • She loves to hold and cuddle me.
  • She loves to take pictures with me.
  • She pats my head and strokes my hair gently.
  • She reads to me from her books and magazines and shows me pictures from them.
  • She makes me cute art and crafts items.


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