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A Lego-Inspired Party

About a month ago, Ethan had asked if he could invite some friends over for his birthday party.  We were hesitant, but since he rarely asks for anything, we obliged.  Well, Pete was a little concerned about pulling off the party and all so soon after we had moved, but I decided to go ahead with it because Ethan was really looking forward to it.  So last Saturday, we had a small do for Ethan with a few of his friends.  We decided to have it about a week earlier than his actual birthdate because the actual birthday falls on the 1st day of Chinese New Year this year.

In deciding a theme for his party and after taking like 5 minutes to decide between a Diary of a Wimpy Kid party or a Lego party, Ethan decided on the latter.  He left most of the party planning to me, but he was very specific about the cake.

He asked for a cake shaped like a Lego 4×2 brick, where he could put a candle in each of the studs,given that it is his 8th birthday and all.  When asked for the color of the cake, he wanted red.

It was a good thing baby Emma decided to nap a couple of hours the day before the party, allowing me some time to bake and decorate the cake.

I prepared birthday invites in a Lego theme and tried to make everything as Lego-like as possible.  If I could, I would have created a Lego minifigure costume for Ethan..haha.

On the day of the party, Daddy hung up the birthday banner I made. Had to tweak the Lego font a little but it was well worth it.  Printed out the letters on white paper, cut them out carefully and glued them onto red colored paper, which was glued onto black paper to achieve the black-outlined effect.

When the guests arrived, they were treated to some Lego Star Wars movies on the telly.  This was Ethan’s idea.  Took me a while to get the little guests away from the TV and to start on the games.

Oh, and we also asked the guests to participate in the “Guess the Number of Lego Bricks” game.  Some adults wanted to participate in this one too.

We had some “Lego” food, made with love of course, such as Lego sandwiches, Lego pizza and errr…fruits cut up to spell the word Lego 🙂 (Sorry, I had no idea how to shape fruits like Lego without making a mess of them all!)

I also made Lego chocolates and Lego ice cubes with a Lego mould I borrowed from a dear friend.

I planned a few simple entertaining games for the kids.  Lego Bingo was a hit with everyone.

…and Pass the Lego Brick was as popular as ever!

We also played Balancing the Lego Man

The kids had so much fun, and soon it was time for cake.

For party favor packs, I used colored paper in the primary Lego colors to fold the paper bags and stuck on round pieces of paper on them, to make them look like Lego bricks.  I filled the party favor packs with some basic stationery items in bright Lego colors.

Nothing makes me happier than to see the joyful glow on my kid’s face.  My boy is turning 8 tomorrow, and I’m left wondering again…where did all the time go?

  1. kcan’s avatar

    Love the lego cake and decorations! Happy birthday to Ethan.

    Joyce says: Thank you!!


  2. Hampshire Mummy’s avatar

    You are hired as my party planner and executive! Look at all the effort you had put in *pengsan from admiration*

    Happy blessed birthday, Ethan! You are one fortunate boy!!

    Joyce says: I’ll be honored, my dear! … as long as it’s not in the month of January through March 🙂



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