Bible Verse of the Day

Conquering His Fear

He did it with style just a couple of days ago, when we were at AdventureZone with some of the kids’ cousins.  Years ago, when he first visited AdventureZone, Ethan would only get on the Rainbow Slide, the least intimidating of the three.  Sometimes he would attempt the blue one, but most of the time he will only stick to the Rainbow Slide.

Then last month, when we were there, he went down the Blue Slide (Double Drop Slide), which leads straight into a pool of balls.  He shied away from the (very scary) Demon Drop Slide (red one), which is a 24ft vertical drop!  Very very scary…trust me.

This time though, he said he would go on the red Demon Drop Slide and he really did.  He conquered his fears and even went on the higher of the two options for the Demon Drop Slide.

Bravo Ethan…I’m very proud of you!


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