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Cool For School

Another chapter ends.  A brand new one begins.

After enjoying homeschooling for eight odd months, Ethan started off in regular school just yesterday.  He had always told me that he liked both homeschooling AND schooling, and that in an ideal world, he would have both.  We just felt that he was ready and it is time he tried regular schooling.  After all, it is only fair that he forms his own opinion of each after trying both out.  It is ultimately his own happiness that’s important.

One thing for sure though (and one which we like about regular schooling) is that he will get a chance to be with friends his age almost every day.  We had that in homeschooling on some days but not all days.

This also means ironing uniforms on a regular basis for me.  No more slacking, Mom! 😛

Still early days but we’re going with the flow now.  School runs will be tweaked somewhat, but I’m just extremely thankful for the proximity of his school to our home.  I’m still pro-homeschooling though, please don’t get me wrong…but this is just something that we have to do, at least for now.  I would definitely homeschool again in a heartbeat, if I have the opportunity to do so again.

Proud of you, dear Ethan!  You rock! 😀


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