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Forward Facing Fun!


I’d been so busy that I’d forgotten to announce that we are slowly transitioning Emma to a forward-facing seat.  While previously it was the norm that toddlers would be switched to forward-facing seat when they were about 15 months or so, recent studies have shown that it is advantageous and safer for the toddler if she remains in a rear-facing seat at least till 2 years old.

However, since Emma was only less than a month shy of her 2-year old milestone, we figured it would be good to start now.  In any case, she was getting rather heavy for the infant carrier because quite simply, she is not an infant anymore.  Well, actually, the real reason is because in her rear-facing seat, she kept doing this:


That looks dangerous, right?  She might hurt her head or her mouth or her eyes when the car moves!

So her “maiden voyage” in a forward-facing car seat was when we made the trip to Ipoh for Chinese New Year recently.  I had removed the seat covers of the car seat, and washed them, and also washed the plastic parts.

Doesn’t she look comfy?


Emma is now only forward-facing in one of the cars.  She is still sitting in the rear-facing seat in the car I drive every week day, because we found that because of the upright position of the forward-facing car seat, she finds it difficult to fall asleep!  However, she is learning to, and soon …. when I have the time, I will wash the OTHER car seat so we can fix front-facing seats in both cars for her.

Oh…and she’s also experiencing new sights with a forward-facing stroller experience now!  Wheeee!!!!




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