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The “ai bin” Mr Bulat

Ethan is becoming very adept at playing with his Fisher Price shape sorter now. He can fit in all the different four shapes in three different colors correctly, all on his own. I am also pleased to note that he is also becoming a little bit more patient in that he will keep trying if at first he doesn’t succeed.

Yesterday evening, I managed to capture a video of him playing with the shape sorter. After he was done, he realized that I was filming him and he wanted to see the short video. When I showed it to him, he giggled happily…I guess it dawned upon him that he was a *star*. Then I poured out all the shapes again and told him to put them all back into the box one more time. This time, I specifically told him Mommy was gonna capture him on video. See… this is what our boy does when he *knows* he is being filmed…notice that he periodically makes eye contact with the camera… psst… you don’t wanna miss the last part of the video! 🙂

  1. Vien’s avatar

    What a cheeky grin.

    Joyce says: Cheeky = naughty? 😛


  2. WS’s avatar

    ha…i think he is trying to say “see, piece of cake only!’. 🙂
    Clever boy!!

    Joyce says: Haha…yeah….eksyen hor?


  3. twin’s avatar

    haha so cute .. cheeky boy!

    Joyce says: Yup he is!


  4. rinnah’s avatar

    Lawl. That’s so adorably cute! You know, I have a home video of myself around age two – ripping open my X’mas pressie and I stop to give that same grin like Ethan at the camera. Ahahaha.

    Joyce says: Really? That ought to be a keepsake!


  5. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Haha so darn cute! Bryan has the same shapes-sorter. He can only muster the circle for now.

    Joyce says: Don’t worry. He’ll learn them soon enough. Ethan started by throwing the shapes all over the house. lawl



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