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The “silver lining”

The things a mother would do for her kid. No no……correction…the things that a cloth diaper-addicted mommy would do for her kid.

I was working from home last Friday when my co-worker told me that a diaper package from US had arrived for me in the office. I straightaway knew it was the two fitted diapers I had ordered from Nanipoo sometime back as I had been waiting for its arrival for a little more than a week now. So I decided to brave the rush hour jam on the coastal highway and drove to my office, just to collect the diapers. Can’t imagine leaving them on my desk over the weekend. Besides, I was just too excited to get to those diapers, give them a wash and put them on Ethan. On hindsight, I should have used an alternate less-jammed route.

But anyway, I got those diapers and picked up both boys and headed off to Queensbay Mall where we had a nice family dinner at Friday’s. Ethan was at his absolute best behaviour and was in a jolly good mood. All the servers at Friday’s noticed that too. But somehow the diaper he was wearing suddenly leaked big time. I don’t know if it was the positioning of the diaper, or because Ethan was just too wriggly or perhaps it was because it was left on a little too long. So what to do? Right then and there, I had to remove his shorts and wiped him dry. Then he continued with his chicken spaghetti dinner (I adore the way he feeds himself with his fork), perhaps the sexiest diner there, clad only in his t-shirt and Drybees diaper.

The diaper was wet when we were about to leave the mall and silly me, I didn’t have a spare one available at that time. Suddenly I remembered I had two brand new Nanipoo fitteds in the boot. Since it was just a short trip back home, I decided to just implement a stop-gap measure by just putting the fitted diaper on him and headed back home. I remember I tried on the green camo design, and Ethan looked very happy in it. The diaper was slightly damp when we reached home, thanks to our heavy wetter right there, but it was still a savior.

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Samore cloth diapers? *faint*

    Joyce says: Can’t resist them ma…


  2. michelle’s avatar

    Wei I think you better stop ordering any more diaper. He is old enough to use the toilet. 😛

    Joyce says: He’s already using the toilet what…for most of his big business anyway. But he will be toilet trained for peeing when he is ready. Until that happens, I am still a cloth diaper fanatical mommy 🙂 hehehe…. besides, this is good investment what. In fact, Ethan is also very fascinated with them. I caught him checking out the sharks on the diaper recently!


  3. Allan’s avatar

    looks more like a psycho mother’s obsession liao…heh heh…

    Joyce says: Where got psycho? Obsessed yes la… 🙂


  4. huisia’s avatar

    ya..the green camo very nice
    i just browsed thru the Nanipoo, oh dear, i feel like ordering some for Eli.

    Joyce says: Nanipoos fitted are so gorgeous I tell you, and I guarantee you that Eli will not have diaper rash. I read that some babies do get rashes from the microsuede layer on some pocket diapers and AIOs. For fitteds, it is all cloth, so it is very gentle on baby. Go ahead and order a few to see if you like it. After all, she ships internationally. 🙂


  5. chanelwong’s avatar

    war…you got sooo many contacts to order diapers…

    Joyce says: I love browsing the net hunting for diapers 🙂


  6. allthingspurple’s avatar

    told you the camo green is cool…hee hee.. did i tell u that Nanipoo gave me a new mermaid diaper because the last one had one defective snap? Only one snap and she is replacing the whole deal. Cool, eh?

    Joyce says: That is so cool! And the Nanipoos are rather absorbent I tell you…. thanks for pointing me to this site!


  7. Aunty J’s avatar

    Hey, I love that green camo CD…do u hv a link to the shop that i can get it online??? hehehe…

    Hey if u ever have to sell ur CD as second hands…pl give me a buzz ya…my blogging twin kik kik kik…

    Joyce says: Yeah, I am so into green camo for my boy….makes him look so boyish I think….


  8. Aunty J’s avatar

    ohhh got the link from ur post oredi…hehehe.. didnt see it the first time ;p

    Joyce says: Great! Did you like what you see at the site?



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