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Both Hands Full!


We should actually be counting our blessings that the phase had lasted this long.  For after 18 months of sitting in the stroller when we’re about to go out, pushing Hannah all the way in the stroller to the car and then loading her in the car and unloading her back onto the stroller when we get back home, Hannah finally decided to *put her foot down* and now refuses to get into the stroller when we are going out.

It started with her in the infant carrier, where all I needed to do was carry her in the carrier and place it in the carrier base in the car.  Then when she outgrew the carrier, I pushed her in the stroller and loaded her into the car seat in the car.  Sometimes she would refuse, but we’ve always managed to get her into the stroller with the lure of a toy or a book.  The use of the stroller has made it so much easier to handle both kids, especially when we have other stuff to carry.

Not anymore though.

Now she wants to walk with us all the way to the car.  So now I have both my hands full, one hand holding Ethan and the other holding Hannah.  She also insists on slinging her bag whenever she walks.  Looks like I will not be able to carry a lot of other things with me now.

And the picture above was taken just yesterday, just after we had parked our car and were preparing to go upstairs.  Don’t they look happy and cheeky at the same time?

  1. Joanne’s avatar

    They tend to be super helpful, want to offer their help to carry this and that…sometimes after our grocery, i need to repack some light item into smaller bag for them to carry, else they will feel upset for unable to help mummy, LOL! Don’t u think the kids are sweet?


  2. leona’s avatar

    Wah..Hannah so young know how to hold a bag like a lady!!!
    Sweet smile…


  3. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Oh, look how much your kids have grown!!! Hannah is totally adorable!!



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