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Bed, Bed, I couldn’t go to Bed…

About 2 weeks back, we finally upgraded Ethan’s sleeping area from his Graco crib to his white wooden cot. Back when he was but a week old, his white cot looked much TOO HUGE for him. He was so tiny then. The government nurse who came to visit after he was born even commented “Eh, katil besar, tapi baby kecik aje!”. That was then.We had wanted to move his white wooden cot into our room for a really long time since it was apparent that he was getting a little too heavy for the crib. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how to do it, cos the cot looked too long and large to enter our room the conventional (normal) way. Short of dismantling it and reassembling it in our room, Ethan slept in the Graco crib for the good part of his first 7 months.

Aaahh…but then Pete ingeniously thought of a way where we could move the entire cot as-is into our room: Just flipped it vertically! Voila!! Ethan could now sleep in his cot in our room.

However, since we moved the cot into our room, Ethan appears to be waking up more often than usual. We figured it could be due to him teething, but we closely monitored and could see no sign of any white line on his gums (YET).

I hope this “sleepless” phase will soon pass though … SIGH. I have friends with babies who are able to sleep through at the age of 6 weeks, but on the other end of the spectrum, I also know people whose babies are still waking up off and on at the age of 1.

When I delivered Ethan, I was told that he would start sleeping for longer periods of time when he turned 2 months. So I patiently waited. When he still woke up frequently after 2.5 months, I called my girlfriend and she assured me that her daughter only slept through when she turned 3 months.

Well well… 3 months came and went. Ethan is now EIGHT MONTHS OLD and still waking up several times a night! Sometimes to manja, sometimes hungry and sometimes to (get this!!) PLAY!! We hope he will acquire the *art* of sleeping soon and love it as much as Daddy and Mommy do.

Ethan at his sleeping best (afternoon nap)


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