Bible Verse of the Day

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Yesterday, on the way back home, we made a detour to the Bel’Air Aromatherapy sales office to buy some Eucalyptus essential oil – I’m an aromatherapy lover and Ethan has been enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy since he was a newborn. Well, anyway, the lady manning the office is also a breastfeeding mom and her son is now 13 months’ old.

The moment Ethan saw the 13-month old boy, he got all excited and screamed with delight. Pete put Ethan down on the floor and immediately both Ethan and the other boy started crawling around, playfully socializing with each other. There was absolutely no sign of intimidation or shyness, just plain innocence and good clean fun! They both “spoke” to each other in their own baby language and were contented just to babble on and on.

It was such a joy to watch Ethan hang out with babies his age. He must be kinda deprived since most of the time he is around adults who don’t comprehend what he says…. Perhaps it is about time I start a playgroup?


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