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One-year Checkup

We took Ethan to see Dr Jessica today for his scheduled one-year checkup. We decided to go during the night clinic at GMC; from experience, we need not wait too long at the night clinic.

We were ushered in after about 10 minutes’ wait 🙂 Ethan started playing with the blocks in Dr Jessica’s office and smiled happily. She asked us about his progress: what he could do and say…and then took his height, weight and head circumference.

Ethan had his MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) vaccination today too. I nursed him while Dr Jessica administered the jab (studies have proven that the trauma from the jab will be significantly lessened if given during a breastfeeding session). Well, Ethan boy bawled immediately as the needle went in…poor baby… and yet, less than 30 seconds later, was his cheerful self again.

Doctor told us to monitor for 5-7 days as he could develop fever from the jab.


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