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Pooling Around with my Water Baby

Last Thursday, after work, we took Ethan for a dip in our apartment’s swimming pool.  The weather was warm with just a hint of sunlight.  Perfect swimming weather…I checked from our balcony that there was no one in the pool, so off we went.

We dressed Ethan up in his new swimsuit, which made him look like a mini scuba diver.  We bought this suit a couple of weeks back because Ethan looked so cute in it, we could not resist it.  For the first time also, we fixed the arm floats on him to allow him to float in the water.  These floats are the kind that had just a band at the bottom and was not “floaty” all the way round.  This was to enable more movement whilst in the water.

I took him to the edge of the pool and began playing with the water.  I splashed – he giggled… so I took him into the water.  Gingerly I let go…and to my amazement he began paddling doggie-style!  Unfortunately he paddled away and I was behind him, so he suddenly realized I wasn’t in sight and began struggling and crying.  When I hugged him again, he clung on to me for dear life, and he even wrapped his legs around my waist.  SIGH….next time, I’ll make sure I am within his view.  We hope to go again sometime this week 🙂

  1. Angie & Ben’s avatar

    Ethan looks so adorable in the swimming costume and floats!

    Joyce says: Don’t the floats look like bulging biceps? 😛


  2. huisia’s avatar

    Ethan looks so cute la..i always want to buy this scuba suit for Jo, but hubby insists a panty is enough for his son..

    Joyce says: Buy both lo… so both Mommy and Daddy can be happy too! 😀


  3. WS’s avatar

    Ethan looks like a professional scuba diver in this swim suit!! He is simply adorable!!!

    Joyce says: Who knows he might get his scuba diving license before I do! 🙂


  4. Jo Flynn’s avatar

    Wow! Those armbands are fantastic! What brand are they??

    Joyce says: I can’t remember what brand they are, but I bought them from Toys R Us.



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