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Open up and say “Aaahhhh…..!”

Scrap Papers & Elements from Sworda Scrappin’ 

Ethan loves grapes.  However, when we wash a bunch of grapes and sit down to eat them, he doesn’t eat them himself.  Instead, his eyes will light up when he sees those juicy grapes in the bowl, and he will scoop a few up in those tiny hands of his, and with his mouth wide open, proceed to feed us those grapes.  We have to eat them really fast too, because he takes delight in feeding those grapes one after another, at a very fast pace. 

All I can say is thank goodness those grapes are seedless ones! *wink*

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    So schweet! Ethan feeds Mommy and Daddy!

    Joyce says: And the grapes were sweet as well! 😀



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