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The little perfectionist

Ethan is quite adept at playing with his shape sorter now. He has a few different kinds really. The one that he has mastered is the toy that was given by his Ah Koo and Ah Kim some time back. It consists of 4 shapes (square, circle, triangle and hexagon) in a rectangular-shaped box. He can now put each shape in the correct slot correctly without anyone’s help. The problem is sometimes he doesn’t fit it in properly and the shape cannot enter the slot because of the positioning, although he got the shape and the slot correctly. Our boy is a very impatient fella, and once he finds that he cannot get the shape in, he would throw a temper and scream! Sometimes in a fit of frustration, he would just throw the shape down on the floor in anger. He hasn’t quite got the patience to try again now… any suggestions how to cultivate this?

But when he successfully puts in all the shapes, he delights in the fact that we adults will clap and say “Clever boy!” He is turning into a little perfectionist, isn’t he?

  1. khongfamily’s avatar

    Hahhaha…Brae does the same too!!

    Joyce says: It’s what toddlers do, huh?


  2. ablogaway’s avatar

    Clap Clap Clap, clever boy! That’s ok, just patiently show him and direct him to turn a little bit towards the left or right, he’ll learn soon.

    Joyce says: The question is…how to cultivate patience with him? 😛


  3. huisia’s avatar

    it’s quite common for kids was same too last time..
    maybe you can soothe him and hold his hand to get the right position

    Joyce says: We tried that but he still throws the blocks 😛


  4. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    Don’t worry, this is quite common among young toddler. Same goes to Charlotte too. I think a little encouragement would help. I told Charlotte that it is ok if she couldn’t make it, and asked her to try other first instead of keep working on the same one. She usually is able to make it after that and she would clap herself once it is successful.

    Joyce says: Well, some kids are more patient than others… Case in point 😛


  5. rinnah’s avatar

    I’m not a mommy so I don’t know how to except encourage him by praising him when he does it right without getting frustrated?

    Joyce says: Yep, we praise him loads when he gets it right. Maybe he is craving for it and he wants to get it right ALL the time!


  6. Paik Ling’s avatar

    what a clever boy!!! don’t worry lah, patience will come with time – for both mummy & son!!

    Joyce says: All I can say is, Ethan has really made me more patient!


  7. WS’s avatar

    Clever boy…CHing Ern just walked with the shape in her hand everywhere in the house.

    Joyce says: She loves it so much, huh?


  8. Allandog’s avatar

    yay! he finally gets to play with the toy!! Does he still like the HAMMER? ;-P

    Joyce says: Oh YES… he would giggle HAPPILY when he *finds* the hammer!


  9. sharine’s avatar

    why they like to take out when everything already in place? en en also loves to pour all the shapes out from the box (the fisher price one) after she had done inserting them all sucessfully. I think they are the same when they can’t get the shape right and throw tantrum…

    Joyce says: He likes to do it over and over again because he loves it when we compliment him on a job well done!



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