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Growing up little by little

Yesterday, we took Ethan for his long-overdue haircut.  Daddy also needed a haircut so we thought we’d kill two birds with one stone.

Ethan had to wait for a while before his turn came, and he busied himself checking out what Daddy was getting done to his hair.  He was very intrigued watching Daddy get a haircut and when his turn came, Ethan yet again surprised me by how he has grown.  

Our boy asked to be helped into the salon’s chair and there, he sat down patiently waiting for the hairdresser to give his head a shave.  The hairdresser put on the little kiddy cape for Ethan and he sat still, allowing her to work her magic.  Of course, throughout the entire process, we heaped loads of praises and commented what a handsome boy he is.

When she was 80% done, however, Ethan got restless, so I took him down from the chair and allowed him to roam around.  Then we finished off the front part of his hair with Ethan on my lap.

Such a vast improvement from a year ago, I would say.  My boy is growing into a young man now. Awww…

Here he is requesting us to “ah-purn” the door when he was ready and all set to go home.

  1. Collin’s avatar

    Gee….seeing Koko in no smiling mood in the barber’s chair makes me worried… wonder you seem so happy to leave…hee!

    Joyce says: He was in deep concentration. Cannot move ma, when hair being cut 😛


  2. chanelwong’s avatar

    so clever boy sitting down quietly to let the barber cut…

    Joyce says: I was beaming with pride, and praying he would sit there for the entire hair cut.


  3. allthingspurple’s avatar

    wow, he looks all grown up in the pic at the doorway, yea? But what a clever little guy to cooperate for the haircut !

    Joyce says: Yeah, kids grow up so fast!


  4. blessed mum’s avatar

    ha! My boy now develop a phobia with saloon after his last hair cut with daddy.

    Baby Ethan such a good boy, can give me some tips?

    Joyce says: We started with enticing him with biscuits and TV, but now the salon discontinued their Astro already, so we can’t use that. I do prep him before we go, and use my hand to perform mock shaving moves on his head 🙂


  5. Angeline’s avatar

    Very obedient indeed. Kids usually fuss about having their hair cut out of the house.

    my boys’ hair used to be snipped by my MIL, then their papa, now its the saloon.

    Joyce says: It’s neater and easier to have Ethan’s fine hair shaved instead of trimmed, for now at least. And since I don’t trust myself to shave his head at home, I have to take him to the salon. Costs me RM10, but it’s money well spent 🙂


  6. rinnah’s avatar

    Maybe Ethan figured it out by himself that having a haircut would mean making him more handsome than he already it! 😀

    Joyce says: Yeah, come to think of it, he loves looking at himself in the mirror. LOL


  7. rinnah’s avatar

    Oops. I meant to type is, not it. Sorry!

    Joyce says: I know, dear 🙂 No worries there.


  8. sasha’s avatar

    very good boy! mine cried like mad that day and made the stylist cut her own finger 😛

    Joyce says: Oh dear me! Perhaps you could try taking him and his Daddy for a hair cut together – might work…


  9. Angeleyes’s avatar

    Yeap! Ethan has grown up to a good looking chap! 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks dear!


  10. Mama Octopus’s avatar

    I was just going through your blog and realized that I have seen both you and Ethan before…you brought him for a trial session at Tumble Tots and he wasn’t that into it 🙂

    Joyce says: Oh dear…you remembered!! haha…is it any wonder why we never signed up? Welcome to my humble blog, by the way…. so is your son enrolled in Tumble Tots?


  11. huisia’s avatar

    good boy! i still have to bribe Jo with toy in order to get his hair cut.

    Joyce says: And what does he get bribed with?


  12. Vien’s avatar

    He looked so worried there..hehe..

    Joyce says: Probably worried if the hairdresser will give him the haircut he asked for 😛


  13. slavemom’s avatar

    Ethan’s such a good boy to at least sit still for 80% of the cut. 😉
    Depending on the child, sometimes I find going to those Indian barbers or aunties is easier coz they cut vy fast (vy experienced with young children :D). But of coz those fancy saloons hv attractions like big tv and/or cute chairs, n needless to say, vy costly too. 🙂

    Joyce says: Well, I think if the child is familiar with the surroundings it helps too. And also, parents play a major role in ensuring the child behaves properly. But actually, easier said than done la.


  14. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Ethan is really a good boy, mine is likened to a pig-slaughtering session at the salon!

    Joyce says: Hope it changes for the better soon!


  15. chinnee’s avatar

    so kuai ethan. i really cannot wait to get out from house to bring qiqi to cut her hair, so long macam orang utan liao!

    Joyce says: If she will let you cut, you could give her a trim first?


  16. Mama Octopus’s avatar

    Nah..he quit after 6 mths. IMHO, that particular center cannot handle hyperactive kids. Being pregnant with twins and handling a toddler all alone is a big task. Plus all the skills that he learnt was put to negative use, ie climbing TV cabinets, crawling into closets and hiding in drains and yes, the list goes on. Having said all that, the only good thing that came out of the whole experience is that it helped him get over his anxiety attacks when I enrolled him in his daily playschool.

    Joyce says: Ah I see. Ethan was and still is a very active toddler, and I am glad we found Learning Garden, where he is able to unleash all his energy on a weekly basis, at the very least 🙂


  17. wen’s avatar

    cut edi looks older liao lor.. not so bb, but a handsome toddler!

    Joyce says: I thought cut already looks naughtier! 😛



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