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The thing about the Poop

There is certainly no doubt that newborns cry and poop a lot.  It’s not any different with Hannah: she certainly has a good set of lungs on her and uses it to get our attention the best way she knows how.

As for pooping, well, her first poop happened only about 20 hours after she was born, but there has been no stopping her since.  During the first week or so, I was changing diapers almost every hour or even more often, and every diaper change had some amount of poop in it.  During the daytime I am using fitted cloth diapers, and because of the frequency of diaper changes needed, I was doing the laundry about twice a day! I’ve also had my fair share of projectile poop, even in the middle of the night!

I’m not complaining though.  One of the signs of a healthy baby is denoted by the number of poops the baby has in a day. 🙂

…and we ALL know the kind of runny grainy poo breastfed babies are known to produce, right?

  1. jemima’s avatar

    I was wondering if there will be pictures of the Poop. 😆

    Joyce says: Haha…I know better than that not to post them…in any case, I wouldn’t want to reach for the camera when the poop comes along!


  2. rani’s avatar

    still actively blogging even after labour!!! Salute you lady! Take care.

    Joyce says: Haha…I try my best.


  3. Angeline’s avatar

    oh! that last sentence didn’t happen to my boys…
    in fact they hardly poo when I was breastfeeding them
    ok, don’t talk about Keatkeat, who was not entirely on BM.
    But Binbin was completely on BM, direct, NOT EXPRESSED.
    He hardly pooed.
    doc say it was normal, cos’ BM is so nutritious, everything in BM can be absorbed totally by the baby….

    Joyce says: Yes, with Ethan, the poops were not that frequent too, and Ethan was also exclusively breastfed. I guess each and every child is unique in his or her own way.


  4. Krystal’s avatar

    Hi there, haven’t been here for a while….and you’ve given birth to a beautiful girl…congrats!

    Joyce says: Thanks Krystal!



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