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Busy body

Scrap Credits
Elegant word art (child’s uniqueness) from Bethany
Quick page par Soco – Avec le kit Lilou de Moune & Worn Alpha from Soco, scraps et loisirs

Our little Ethan boy is getting to be quite the inquisitive little fella.  Besides asking us where did so-and-so go, his favorite query now is to find out what we are all doing.

He’ll go, “Hi Mommy!  What you doin’ Mommy?” or “What you doin’ Daddy?”

Oh, I know it should be grammatically corrected to sound, “What ARE you doing?” but he sounds just too cute!  And he can go onandon, I tell ya… “What you doin’ Mommy?” , “Mommy, what you doin’ Mom?!!”

Gosh…looks like after the “where” and the “what” phase, we should brace ourselves for the “why” phase next eh?

  1. slavemom’s avatar

    hahaha Sounds jes like my boy. But the ‘whys’ hv started. Luckily still manageable, jes asking questions that he edi know the answers to.



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