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My food worries


I do worry about Ethan.

I worry about his eating habits; how he only seems to live on rice and gravy and nothing else.  Well, he takes hard-boiled eggs on occasion, but it really depends on his mood.  No other form of protein, and if we’re lucky, just a few small pieces of meat and that’s it.

Lately, his daycare giver says that he has taken a liking to Mac-n-Cheese, and would eat a LOT at daycare, but when I prepare Mac-n-Cheese for him at home, he wouldn’t even taste it!  Not even if it’s Mic-a-roni and Cheese, i.e Mac-n-Cheese made with Mickey and Friends pasta shapes.


I worry that he is not getting any fiber in his body.  He does not like vegetables, although he basically knows the names of all the vegetables I put on the table.  Sometimes he even makes a special request to ask me to buy carrots or broccoli when we go grocery shopping.  But eating it is a no-no.

As for fruits, he will only take apples now.  His love for bananas has also waned.  I once tried whipping up a chocolate banana milkshake to entice him, but he only took a few sips of it.

We are trying to jazz up his Pediasure nowadays, using colorful straws and cups.  Works some of the time…I also make a batch of Pediasure and chill it in the fridge for his evening consumption.  Whatever goes in, I am thankful.

Despite all this though, our Ethan is still very much active all the time, full of energy and always making us laugh.

Things he won’t turn down?  Ice cream and yogurt…is it any wonder why this yogurt freeze from the Ikea Deli managed to *entertain* his taste buds so well? 🙂


  1. michelle’s avatar

    Try chopping the meat and vege into small pieces. Mix it with gravy and rice. Does he eat beans? Beans should have fiber and protein.


  2. Paik Ling’s avatar

    I would say not to overly worry. Toddlers/pre-schoolers go through “phases”. Mine only eats french fries, pies and pasta – All without meat or veg inside. He picks them out first!!!


  3. jazzmint’s avatar

    no worries, Vyktore is like him too. Only eat rice with soup. The most fried rice!! Does he like sweet stuff or salty ones? Maybe some eggs would be good?


  4. Susan’s avatar

    Do you let him eat by himself or will you be feeding him?

    Samuel will only picks food he favors if I let him self-feed. If I feed him, it will be fuss-free most of the time.


  5. KittyCat’s avatar

    He sounds very much like his twin, Lucas! I was just going to post about how he’s eating more foods including veggies after my “Communist” method.

    I’ll echo Susan’s question above – do you feed him? We still need to feed Lucas his dinner including any meals we have outside or he’ll never get anything in with all that bouncing around!

    From my experience, bento-ing / jazzing things up appeal only to the eyes but it’s still the taste that matters 🙂


  6. Audrey’s avatar

    Hi HEoyce (H for Hannah and E for Ethan, thatis…)! Dropped by to catch up on what you’re up to since I haven’t heard from you in a while. I couldn’t resist posting a response here. I have this book by Jessica Seinfeld (yah Jerry’s wife :-D) called Deceptively Delicious, which is all about sneaking pureed fruits and veggies into meals. Very delicious recipes, as I’ve tried a few.. It may work for Ethan maybe? I’ll email you a coupla recipes from there that may be worth trying out for Ethan.. yea? Ta!



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