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Hannah at 4 months

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We took Hannah for her 4-month checkup yesterday, just in time for me to post an update on her milestones (yeah, it’s all part of the plan). 🙂


7.569 kilos (16lb 11 oz)


64.8cm (all that stretching paid off!)

* Note: Hannah’s pediatrician commented that Hannah is growing beautifully 🙂

Motor Skills

  • Our little supported sitter is making more and more attempts to roll over.  If I place her on her back at an angle, she can roll her body over.  Won’t be long now!
  • Lifts head 90 degrees when lying on tummy or does a little push up sometimes.
  • Making “rasberry” sounds with her lips.
  • Grasping objects within her reach with incredible strength: mobile toys, toys given to her by her brother, my shirt, my hair, my fingers.
  • Can “bear weight” on both legs when we hold her to a standing position.
  • Salivating has increased.
  • Brings many objects to her mouth, including our hands!

Communication and Social Skills

  • Lots of repetitive sounds, high-pitched squeals and adorable giggles and sounds are made now.
  • Very sociable, smiles a lot when spoken to.
  • Looks at us very intently.
  • Beginning some separation anxiety.  As I am the one who is always with her, she sometimes cries out when she doesn’t see me.  Sometimes she would be happily playing but will cry out when she sees me! 😛
  • Ticklish.


Sleeping through the night more often now, but occassionally still awakes for a feed.

Food and Feeding

She is 100% on Mommy’s milk.  Less regurgitation, but of course, needs to be burped after every feed (otherwise she complains).  Hannah is not at all on the bottle, and we are contemplating moving her to the cup right away when she is six months, probably.  We’ll see.

  1. jazzmint’s avatar

    whoa time flies huh, so fast 4 months already



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