Bible Verse of the Day

The Big Brother Role Model

See how easy it is for Ethan to *pass his knowledge on* to his little sister?




Certainly helps that Hannah adores him to bits! 🙂
Ethan is also becoming extremely possesive of his sister. He sometimes refers to Hannah as “my baby” and will get upset when strangers threaten to *take her away*.
Seriously though, why do some people insist on threatening older siblings with “taking their little brother/sister away”? Isn’t that plain mean?

  1. huisia’s avatar

    wahahahahahaha… cute lah!


  2. Paik ling’s avatar

    CUTE to the MAX!!!


  3. Caitlynn’s avatar

    Hehehe…what a good role model! ;-P


  4. Audrey’s avatar

    So cuuute your kids EHoyce!!! And YES I agree it is downright mean to threaten a kid with taking away his/her baby sis/bro. I think it a form of bullying, and lack of maturity 🙁 Its not even a joke when it comes to children as young as Ethan. Older kids maybe can la…..



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