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Pleased as Punch with Puzzles


Having a knack of solving puzzles seems to run in the genes, because now Hannah, like her brother Ethan, is beginning to show a keen interest on puzzles.

She especially loves to build words from word puzzle letters and she has sort of “hijacked” this toy from Ethan.  When she was first introduced to it, she needed a lot of help piecing the words together, but now she can more or less form all the words by herself.  She can even recognize a word simply by looking at just one of the letters from the word.  For example, she would grab hold of the letter E and tell us she wants to build the word TREE.  Then she would look for all the remaining letters and piece them together.  Sometimes she would ask for some help by saying, “How this one goes, Mommy?”  But eventually, she would be able to finish forming all the words, arranging them neatly on the floor.


One quirky behavior is that Hannah would arrange all the animals together in a row, and then all the rest of the words in another area on the floor.  It’s as if she can differentiate which are the living things and which are the inanimate objects.  All with the exception of the word BUG.  We’re guessing she does not know that a BUG is an insect, which is a living thing.

And while arranging the word puzzle pieces, she would say to herself, ” This one goes here…this one goes here…ta-daaa!!!”


Another puzzle that she has been into lately is what she calls her “princess puzzle”.  It’s a jigsaw puzzle  and granted, it is quite a tough puzzle to piece together for a 2-year old, but repeated practice has resulted in her being able to piece together almost the entire puzzle.  But because the pieces are quite small, some of them have chipped off.


Despite that, Hannah is still able to guess and place the pieces correctly in position.  Sometimes she would even correct me when I accidentally place them in the wrong place!

And here’s the finished result:



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