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A Heart Full of Courage Makes the Medicine Go Down


We thought this day would never come.  We overcame and survived obstacles, negotiation and difficult sessions of coaxing, force-feeding and bribing.

Yes, it was THAT difficult to feed Ethan his medicine, and it started all the way back when he was a wee babe.  He would kick and scream and absolutely refuse his medicine.  Nothing would work, and we’ve tried virtually everything.  As he grew bigger and stronger, it became increasingly difficult because he would push with all his might.


But then one day the turning point came when we managed to cajole him into taking his antibiotics.  It was either white or colorless, and he didn’t mind it.  He had other medication to take too, but he would only want the WHITE/colorless medicine.  He would also take Zyrtec (an antihistamine) and now he will take Mucosolvan (for cough) too.

When once he flatly refused, he began by asking for chocolate milk or water immediately after his medication.  By the by, he proudly told me that he didn’t need water anymore, just as long as Zyrtec is the last dose of medicine he takes.

So now, the kids are nursing a cough again (SIGH), and Ethan will take Mucosolvan first (peppermint flavor) followed by Zyrtec (banana flavor).  And it’s a breeze feeding him medicine now 🙂

Two shots of 5ml using two separate syringes and we’re done!  You’ve really matured beyond your years, dearest Ethan boy!  And Mommy and Daddy are ever so proud of you! 🙂


  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    If age is the determining factor, then I cannot wait for Brad to grow up! I never have this issue with the other 2.

    Joyce says: Actually I think it differs from child to child. I don’t have a problem with Hannah either.



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