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Simply Groovy: Hannah’s Playgroup Event

Recently, Hannah’s class put on a concert event called the Playgroup Event.  It involved the kids from the three playgroup classes in her school, which meant the audience was treated to 2-3 year-olds on stage.

Hannah was very excited about the event, and although she woke up that morning announcing she was “too lazy” and didn’t want to wear sunglasses, she certainly did a 180º turn during the event.

Although it was a weekday morning, Hannah was definitely very happy to see her Daddy able to make it, albeit a little late.  Well, nothing beats watching your little gal sing and dance on stage like this, eh? 🙂

I, for one, definitely enjoyed it!  Great job Hannah!  Doesn’t she look absolutely adorable? 🙂

  1. Alice’s avatar

    Your dotter grows up fast!

    Joyce says: Yes, our kids really do, don’t they?



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