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How We Built A Snowman – Part 1 of 2

Several days ago, when I figured there was snow thick enough to build a snowman, and the sun was out, I took the kids out for our snowman project.  The kids were, of course, more than eager to put on their winter jackets and get started.

We found a nice spot just outside our home, and before I knew it, the kids were already busy making snow angels!


Unfortunately though, the snow was too hard and dry for snowman-making.  We just could not pat it into balls.  All we got were big chunks of brittle ice.  The kids called them “icebergs”!

However, we still had a lot of fun building a snow hill, and playing with snow…


Yes, we had a blast…and some of us threw snow too!

I had to persuade the kids to come on indoors because my ears were starting to freeze!

We ended up with a nice little snow hill, which became a really smooth snow hill when it began to snow heavily a couple of days later.

The kids asked for hot Milo after our activity, which is always a nice comforting way to warm their tummies after a cold outing.


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