Bible Verse of the Day

Birds and Bees Question #33

Hannah: Ethan, did Mommy peepee Emma out when she gave birth to her?

(Note: My kids were actually there in the delivery room when I gave birth to Emma)

Ethan: Hahaha…no Hannah.

Mommy (putting on Mommy-the-educator hat): No Hannah, when we peepee, the peepee comes out from the urethra.  But the baby comes out from the vagina.  Those are two different openings.

Hannah: Huh?  Peepee in the winter?

Mommy: Haha…no sweetie.  Not in the winter. Peepee from the urethra, NOT winter.  Baby from the vagina.

Ethan: What?  Baby from China?

Mommy: From the vagina, Ethan.  NOT China.

Laughter all around.

*Another edition of Morning Funnies on our school run*


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