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A Whole New Level of Independence

Two nights ago, we crossed an important threshold in Hannah’s childhood:  She finally moved out of our room into her very own room.  We can’t say for sure now if this will work out to be a totally permanent situation, but it has been two nights now, and she’s doing really well.

We’ve moved into our new home here for close to 6 months now, and although we’ve already had her (pink and girly) room set up for her, complete with a queen-sized bed (decked in pink bed linens chosen by her), and a desk and chair, Hannah has been bunking in our room on a mattress adjacent to our bed.  She has been telling me that she will move to her room when she is ready and I have trusted her.

Two days ago, she confidently told me that she’s ready and would like to sleep in her own room now.  I figured maybe she was just saying it for fun…’cos sometimes she says things and bail out at the last minute.  However this time, she kept repeating it consistently, so I prepared her bed for her that night.  I told her I would stay with her in bed till she slept and then I would creep out.  I left the bathroom light on for her in case she needed to use it at night (she can’t reach the light switch yet).

She brought along 2 of her doggie soft toy friends: Sunshine and Cliffer, and they kept her company through the night.

I had half-expected her to show up in our room in the middle of the night, but that never happened.  I was awakened only by Emma, and Hannah independently slept in her own room the whole night through.

The following night, she asked to take her shower and brush her teeth in her own ensuite bathroom.  So I moved everything there for her: towel, shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and even her little step stool.

She’s done it two nights in a row now, and I’m so proud of my little girl.  Not entirely sure what really prompted this to happen: it could be due to the fact that she’s just gained some confidence or that I recently told her about a dear friend’s daughter who recently moved into her own room too. 🙂

Thing is….I’m missing her now. 🙁

  1. kcan’s avatar

    Wow, Hannah indeed has grown up! Mummy must be so proud of her. =)

    Joyce says: I sure am! 🙂


  2. Hampshire Mummy’s avatar

    We have done the same 🙂 bravo Hannah! My young lady has her own bathroom and shower too, not en suite but across the hallway. My baby is in our room and we hope to move him as soon as we can muster the energy to part with convenience of co-sleeping.

    Joyce says: Good on you guys! Our baby Emma will be sharing the same en suite bathroom with Hannah when she is old enough to move to her own room.



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