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Bible Verse of the Day

Yay Daddy!

Pete has not bottle-fed Ethan for quite some time now. He used to do it when Ethan was much younger, but at home I nurse Ethan direct, so we hardly ever give him the bottle.

Yesterday evening, there was some EBM left over from the sitter’s place when we took Ethan back, so Daddy was eager to feed Ethan the rest… and the clever little fella finished every single drop!

I remember when Ethan was a few months’ old, I had to hide myself sometimes when he was bottle-fed. In fact, I didn’t feed him the bottle myself until he was like 5 or 6 months’ old! By and by as he grew older, he willingly took the bottle from me and from Pete too. But you know, we never have to worry that he is overfed, cos he will know how to push the bottle away when he is full.


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